Ramon van Geest


Ramon van Geest, born in 1992, is a Dutch artist currently based in the charming city of Delft. Having completed his studies at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda in mid-2018, Ramon honed his artistic prowess and crafted his distinctive style, seamlessly blending drawings with spatial materials and techniques.

His artistic journey revolves around the exploration of the human experience and our behavior within the intricacies of the world we have created. With a profound philosophical perspective, Ramon delves into the essence of existence through his evocative images.

In his creative process, Ramon navigates fundamental perspectives on life, sparking contemplation on the intricacies of our existence. Versatile in his approach, he employs a diverse range of materials, techniques, shapes, and colors to construct suggestive images. These visual narratives invite viewers to embark on their own journeys of imagination and inner reflection.

Ramon’s artistic inclination can be characterized as a fusion of neo-abstract expressionism and surrealism, capturing the essence of his unique vision. Through his work, he invites others to explore the depths of their own fantasies and ways of thinking.